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We've been coaching women to get stronger and leaner for 15+ years.  We have  a beautifully simple and do-able system to teach you.  No special talent required.  If you're strong and love to train already, or new to it and training from home, we'll show you..

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Fall in love with your life, and food again - this is what The Way Up will achieve for you.  Rebuild your relationship with food, eat with family and friends, and learn how to scale your results so you can keep getting better and better.

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We turned the guesswork of healing your body,  whilst reducing fat and increasing muscle  into a science. Follow practical step- by-step instructions that are proven to work with 1-1 help from world class coaches.

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We invented a new way to solve problems that you've been told you need low carb, starvation diets and supplements to fix.  Way Up ladies solve digestive, energy, craving and binging problems quickly with our unique system.  No weird supplements, fasting or cutting carbs.
From the desk of Steve Collins
Brisbane, Australia
March 2020
Been living clean on greens, seeds, nuts?  Cut out dairy, your favourite cheese, and paying extra for low carb alternatives?  How's that going for you?  Sick of Yo-Yo dieting and feeling terrible yet?

Right now, I coach over 300 women that have broken free of the restrictive dieting merry-go-round.

Like, actually broken free.  

They are getting leaner, stronger, more energetic, sleeping better, digesting food better and feeling better by using fruit, potatoes, honey, cheese, butter, milk and other seriously appetising foods to support their metabolism and body. 

They've fallen in love with themselves again - and their food.

No more Hollywood, insta-celeb, "quick fix diets" for good.  Not to mention awful bloating, gas and mood issues. 

We've shown 1000's of women how to POWER UP their metabolism and energy to 20-something year old levels.

After 20 years in the fitness and nutrition industry, I KNOW that 99.9% of the industry have it wrong.

The answer isn't, nor has ever been:

  • A more restrictive diet
  • Less food and less energy
  • More pointless exercise
  •  Feeling awful all the time with constant anxiety about food 
  •  Not feeling like a "normal" person
In fact it was the exact opposite, and I'm going to show you right here, right now.

First, can I ask you a quick question?
"What is the difference between the woman you are trying to be vs the woman you are right now?"
Who is the woman you are trying to be like? What's her life like?

Does she lead an abundant life, or a restrictive one?

Is her body and life energetic, vibrant and free, or is it starved, diminished and shackled? Does she eat fruit, carbs and other "normal" foods?

Is she stuck in the gym day in and day out?  Is she tired, with no libido, moody and anxious about the future?

I'll show you a way through the lies, deception and bad science the fitness industry uses to keep you coming back time and again. I'll show you a way to get to your desired self without supplements or weird fad diets and gimmicks. 
If you're sick of a restrictive, uninspired approach to weight loss, toning up and your health and life in general, I'd like to extend a warm invite to you to read on and I'll reveal THE SECRET FORMULA I use to consistently help women reach the kind of health and body they thought was lost to them forever.
Take Monica for example.  She began working with me in her late 40's and in 10 months she dropped 4 dress sizes and got off all her meds.
Whilst Tee and other women I coach have stopped wasting thousands on fad diets, Wasting years on disappointing results and failed promises, and have fallen in love with themselves again.
Women like Jo have lost the weight, built an athletic body, learned how to do it through building an amazing metabolism and never looked back.
Other women like Shauni have completely rebuilt their bodies and lives, and no are absolutely thriving.  no going back, only moving forward and loving their new life.
Millions of women (and "Fitness Influencers") have this completely wrong - and never discover it!
What if I told you, that for many women struggling with a slow metabolism, horrible bloating, low muscle tone, poor energy, weight management difficulties, digestion issues and bad sleep ...

That surviving on a "clean eating" diet of green veggies, nuts and seeds  is often the worst thing that you can do. 

If you're sick and tired of the BS, the mis-leading, the deception and the downright being taken advantage of - we'll help you.  This is absolutely revolutionary and you'll be frustrated you didn't find us years ago.

Ladies we coach not only get leaner and stronger, they also uncover a life of:
  • No more low carb (and no carb!) diets
  • No more punishing your body with exercise
  • No more bloating and painful periods
  •  No more low libido
  •  No more bad skin and hair
  •  No more low energy 
  •  No more being skinny fat


Listen to the jaw-dropping stories from some of our clients…

We added more carbs and energy to Alison's diet.  Here's what happened...
We got Faye training less, so when she did train it really counted.  Here's what happened...
We helped Monica build a lifestyle she loved whilst she got even better results.  Here's what happened...
The new way to get help from world class specialist nutritionists, exercise physiologists & trainers 

Make progress, get support and learn anytime, anywhere and whatever way you like with multiple training and coaching formats.  The Way Up uses sophisticated and beautifully designed systems and software to help us amplify our support and your results.

1-1 coaching 

Live one to one coaching within The Way Up program.  Feedback, changes and reassurance are crucial in any transformational journey.  You won't get much help from an app.  Get real help on your journey - it's tried and tested.

Online e-coaching platform

A beautifully designed, easy to follow membership site to help you through your healing, regenerating, leaning out and powering up.  A comprehensive recipe section, and detailed yet simple digital coach at your call 24-7.

Semi-private coaching 

Hang out with Coach Steve and other Way Up ladies going through the same journey as you.  With several LIVE sessions every week, you'll never be far away from being able to spend time with your coach.

Interactive community of Way Up women

When doing a program in the past, typically you'd be doing it by yourself.  Not anymore.  The more people on your side, championing your cause the easier your journey is.  Get motivated, impassioned and inspired by 400+ other women who are all doing what you want to be doing: rebuilding their powerful best selves.

Live in-person events

Attend live events with Way Up coaches and the other ladies  you're journeying with.  Have a laugh, learn heaps and get a sore butt in the process.



Listen to the jaw-dropping stories from some of our clients…

Why The Way Up?
Who is Coach Steve?
Why are we different?
Got no time?
1. "I don't think I'm good enough. I don't feel ready!"
Many women feel like this and it's completely normal.  In fact, we expect it.  After all, to put your hand up and say, "it's my turn to get what I want" is a big thing for most women.  

And that's one of the reasons you'll be so carefully helped and monitored by me throughout your journey. 

You'll probably never be 100% ready to start re-designing your body, health and lifestyle.  You'll always be better placed next month, or have more time later in the year, or just going to lose a few more kilos first before starting.

THE WAY UP is such a powerful program it possesses what we call the "GOOD ENOUGH FACTOR."

Which mean you don't have to be brilliant to get a tremendous result.  We just want you to be consistently average.  That's right.  In fact, we've noticed that women who are consistently average get better results then women who come on board all guns blazing.

Another thing we've seen is that beginners often do as well or better than more experienced ladies. 

Women who don't think they're ready and who don't take action will inevitably fall into deeper and deeper states of bad health and will find it even more difficult to take action. 

When it comes to you feeling like you’re ready or not, you should know that great coaches meet their clients at their level.

Women who don’t think they are ready or who aren't sure if this is right for them,  are exactly the kind of women this is right for and who need to take immediate action. 
2. "I'm not sure if this is the right program for me - things I've tried before haven't worked."
If you're a woman who:

+ Have struggled with weight issues your whole life.
+ Keep leaning towards restricting and punishing yourself to the point of despair.
+ Think that you have to give up carbs to get anywhere with fat loss.
+ Keep failing at diets and exercise
+ Have chronically low energy and fatigue
+ Have no sex drive and couldn't think of anything worse to do.
+ Want a more toned body.
+ Want better skin, hair and digestion.
+ Are looking for clues on your first steps to beating auto-immune and bloating problems. 

We would love to help you. The Way Up takes pride in sorting out not only excess body fat but also these other all too common problems women are faced with. 

All of the above happened to me (other than the cycle issues). I've had zero sex drive, lost a tonne of muscle, felt absolutely obsessed with food and I was a walking gas balloon most of the time.

The nutrition methodology and philosophy I teach my clients fixed all that, really quickly.  

And that was that. I never looked back, and I thought, "Steve, you'd better share this."

That's what this program does. My coaches and I "fix stuff." One woman at a time, we're turning the multi-billiondiet, supplement and fitness industry on its head - that's our plan, at least.

And we are getting outstanding results.
If you've done the crazy diets, you've tried and failed at exercise before but this time you're REALLY ready to become your new you... 
❌You've done all the restrictive diets, felt alienated from your friends socially when you've tried to follow these crazy diets

❌You eat "the right" foods yet you still feel like s**t and you still can't get rid of the weight

❌You kick your own a** with exercise, classes and gym but nothing ever happens

❌You're tired of looking older, feeling fatter and getting nowhere even though you spend hard earned cash on supplements, skin creams, pills and powder.
If You're Still Reading then You Know There's a Better Way
✅ You want a solution to putting on fat, feeling older and more tired by the year and not getting anywhere with dieting and exercise.

✅ You want to be in control of your life and your body, you want to look and feel 10+ years younger, and you want to achieve it by eating lots of real food, not restricting your diet and eating rabbit food and you want energy like you used to have when you were younger.

✅ You want great skin, hair and a killer body.  You want to break free of dieting and the binge eating and yo-yo weight loss and gain.

✅ You want to eat carbs, go out for dinner and not have to be anxious, travel and live life on your terms..
✅  Our ladies lose fat by increasing their metabolic rate so they can eat more of the food they want and ditch restrictive dieting for good!

✅  They build a life they love by eating foods that "up-regualte" how their body builds muscle, drops fat and burns sugar, giving them double the energy.

✅  Our ladies get toned and strong in just 3 x 45 minutes training sessions per week using our exclusive "3 Steps 2 Strong" method.

✅  They never have to go to the gym every day, eat rabbit food all day only to binge eat at night, feel worthless or feel like a failure.

Build your baseline health & scale your results

Metabolism building

Revamp your actual baseline metabolism using traditional, digestible, nutritious food.

Heal your gut

Did probiotics and elimination diets? Cut carbs, still "nothing worked." Heal your gut function. No supplements, just results.  

Reduce fat

Lose body fat at the same time as building muscle (body recomposition).  It's the holy grail of changing your body once and for all. 

Eat carbs, fruit

Start using carbs and natural sugar to support your healing, energy and body.

Measure progress

Measure and manage your progress with help from Way Up coaches every week.

Get Stronger

Use our famous 3 Steps 2 Strong paint-by-numbers training system to help your body get stronger, and improve posture and pain.  

Get Clear

Solve all your uncertainty around food.  We'll take you back to a sane, sensible way of eating that works for you and the family. 

Time Efficient

We'll show you how to put a little in, to get a lot out.  Improve efficiency and effectiveness.

Become an Expert

Inoculate yourself against marketing, fad diets and influencers.  Learn how to do it all yourself, on auto-pilot.

Improve Thyroid

Increase your energy, metabolism and ultimately thyroid function.  Warm your body back up, and make weight management easier. 

Balance Hormones

Improve the function of the 3 main female hormone glands: the adrenals, the thyroid and the ovaries. 

Reduce PMS

Reduce oestrogen dominance and the resultant symptoms.  Learn how to do this yourself, and for good.


Get your no-obligation FREE 30 minute Metabolism Makeover Call (usually $197) that could easily help you break free from low energy, yo-yo'ing & a busted metabolism.